Task scheduler implementation

Support our work on Avoyd and open source software through Github Sponsors or Patreon. Doug Binks - 22 Aug - edited 28 Jun The interface has evolved somewhat since this article, and whilst I've made minor changes to update it, keeping it fully up to date is difficult, so please check out the full code on github. If you're writing a compute intensive programming task on consumer hardware, and you want to use as much of the systems resources as possible, then you'll need to consider multithreading on the CPU. There are a number of ways to approach this, but the current gold standard approach for developers who want both simplicity and control is a task scheduler which can handle data-parallelism in the games industry a task is often referred to as a job.

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3 phase energy meter ic

Therefore, two input channels are connected to the ADC chip, one for voltage, and another for current. Analog signals will be detected from the two input channels, which will be converted into Digital signals by ADCs respectively. With the two digital input signals transmitted to the microcontroller via SPI protocol, dsPIC33F calculates the power hence, energy consumed will be accumulated after a specified period of time.

Phonespector app

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